Failover Status Codes

Data Sync Status Codes

Status Code



Possible Causes


No error

Used for any normal log entry.

Functioning within parameters.


Appliances not ready to data-sync

The initial handshake showed that at least one appliance is not ready to data-sync.

Site install in progress; one side thinks a data-sync is already in progress.


Connection lost

The failover script received a SIGPIPE while trying to write to the socket. This happens when a write occurs on a socket and the other end has since disconnected. This could happen at any time during the sync operation.

Network interruption; Other end lost power/rebooted; etc.


File system error

The failover script was unable to create either the directory used to hold files that are being sent to the other appliance or the directory that will receive files from the other appliance. Both are created in ingrediRoot/data/tmp

Bug with file permissions; no disk space; (rarely returned).


Exchange algorithm error

Each appliance compares the DSIDs and LSIDs from the other side in order in order to determine what the other side needs to be sent. Something went wrong and the appliances were unable to sync at the end of that process.

Bug/Crash in algorithm; one side timed out (>1 hour) waiting for the other side to say it was finished.


Exchange filestores error

Sanity check after syncing the big filesystems (recordings, canned_scripts, etc.) failed.

Probably a qsync error (312) on the remote side caused this. Check the other appliance to see if it has a more specific error message.


Creating Backup failed

The primary calls create_backup_file to make a backup file to send to the backup. That script failed.

Bug in backup scripts; file permission problem; disk space problem.


Restoring backup failed

The backup calls restore_backup_file to load the backup file from the primary. That script failed.

Bug in backup scripts; file permission problem; disk space problem.


Loading database data failed

Each appliance loads the database entries that it was sent during the exchange. Loading the data apparently failed and this sanity check caught it.

Could be a database problem (311) on the remote side; file permission problem; disk space problem.


Add relationship error

Something was wrong with the slac handshake, and the appliance doesn't have all the information it needs to set up a relationship.

Should never happen, but could be a bug in slac; could be a rogue appliance or an appliance running a different version with different handshake.


Probe failed

The probe of the remote appliance was unsuccessful.

Different versions; different inter-appliance passwords; failed to communicate to main service; the database service is down; appliance is overloaded; etc.


Role Setting failed

The setting of a role on the appliance failed.

Likely a bug or a misconfiguration of the shared IPs. Check the log of the appliance whose role is being set, for more information.


SQL error

Either the database data import utility failed importing new data or the database data export utility failed to export the new data out to file.

The result of running each command is in failover_core.log, so it will tell what went wrong.


qsync error

The qsync utility reported an error syncing some directory between the two appliances.

The result of running each qsync command is in failover_core.log, so it will tell what went wrong.