Customer Client: Support Session Interface

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When your customer starts a support session with you, that session starts either as web-based chat or with the full customer client download, depending on your site settings. If starting a session as an HTML5 web-based chat, your customer is asked to allow notifications, enabling pop-up notifications to help make your communications with customers more efficient.


Customer Agreement

Allow Session Recordings

Customer Greeting

Your administrator can determine which messages your customer see before the session begins. Among the messages that may be displayed are a customer agreement, requiring the customer to accept the terms of entering a support session; a prompt to allow or refuse session recordings; and a greeting, which may include the estimated wait time and the customer's position in queue.


Customer Notice and Hold Message

If any customer notices are active, they may be displayed automatically or sent manually to the customer client, giving customers the chance to leave the session if they are experiencing a known issue described in the notice. Customers leaving the session in this manner are not taken to the Exit Survey page, since no service was actually provided by a representative.

A hold message may display periodically, reassuring the customer that they are still in queue and will be attended to shortly. This message may include the estimated wait time and the customer's position in queue.


Orphaned Session Message

If no representative is available to take the session, an orphaned session message may be displayed. Optionally, the customer's web browser can then be automatically opened to a specified URL, such as a knowledge base or contact page.



During the session, the customer can chat with you and can request to send files to your computer. Your customer also can change the font size of the chat display.

If you send a nudge, the customer client is given focus and jiggles, and an audible alert sounds. The chat display shows that a nudge was sent.

The red X button immediately stops screen sharing and disables any permissions the representative might have had; the customer can also choose to close the session entirely, uninstalling the software from their computer.

Additionally, depending on your site settings, a watermark may appear on your customer's screen while you are in a session. This applies only to Windows systems.

Monitoring Watermark

Note: Customers running Linux must mark the customer client download file as executable before they can install it.