Presentation Attendee Client: Join a Presentation

In order to join a presentation from a computer, your attendee connects immediately and seamlessly through a browser using the Flash platform on their computer. Your attendee joins a presentation through any of several ways to accept your invitation.

Note: If the attendee's computer does not have Flash installed, Bomgar will default to a fallback process requiring the attendee to download and run a small executable file on their computer, thus allowing the connection. It is important to note that presentation capabilities for Linux platforms are available only using a Flash-capable browser.

An attendee can also join a presentation from an iOS or Android device. To do so, they must download the Bomgar presentation app. For details, see the Bomgar documentation for supporting the appropriate device.

Presentation Agreement

Your administrator can determine which messages your attendee will see, if any, before the presentation begins. Messages that may be displayed include an attendee agreement and a greeting. Depending on the presentation state, your attendee may see a message that the presenter has stopped presenting, or that the presentation has ended and they may close the browser. If no one is available to give the presentation, an orphaned presentation message may also be displayed. If no one is available to give the presentation, an orphaned presentation message may also be displayed.



During a presentation, attendees can view your desktop or selected applications and can also chat with you alone, or with you and other attendees throughout the presentation.

Browser Flash controls allow attendees to open or close a chat window. Chat messages from the presenter will pop up momentarily on the attendee's screen even if the chat window is closed. When the chat window is opened, all messages appear. The attendee may dock or undock an open chat window, or close the chat window by clicking the arrow or X icons respectively, on the upper right-hand corner of the chat window itself. Note that attendees who attempt to chat in full screen mode will drop out of full screen mode.

Attendees can further manage the presentation display by choosing to view your screen at its full size or scaled to fit in the presentation attendee window.

You can also choose to share mouse and keyboard control with an attendee. Your attendee will see a red indicator bar across the bottom of the attendee window when they have control. If control is given, the attendee will drop out of full-screen and actual size modes. Only one attendee at time can have control of your computer. You always maintain overriding control, and you can cancel the attendee’s control at any time.

Presentation Close

At the end of the presentation, the attendee simply closes their browser. There is no software to be removed.