Support Chrome OS with Bomgar Remote Support

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are computers which run the Linux-based Chrome operating system. These devices are designed to stay connected to the internet and to use cloud technology with most of their applications and data. Due to their ease of use, straight-forward functionality, and convenience, many companies and universities are beginning to issue Chromebooks and Chromeboxes to their employees and students. This makes having the ability to support these devices incredibly important.

Through click-to-chat technology, Bomgar Remote Support enables customers to start web-based, click-to-chat support sessions with representatives from their Chrome OS device1Chrome OS device refers to any device running the Chrome operating systems, such as a Chromebook or Chomebox.. Representatives can help resolve issues by chatting with customers and viewing the customer screens, streamlining support for Chrome OS device users.


Note: Bomgar Chrome OS support is specifically for Chrome OS devices managed by G Suite.