Bomgar Button: Quickly Request Support

Bomgar Button Default

Bomgar Button

If you have installed a Bomgar Button on your customer’s computer, that button will appear as a desktop or menu shortcut on their computer. If the Bomgar Button has been customized, it will appear on your customer’s computer with a custom image and title.

Clicking this button opens a dialog prompting your customer to start a session. If this button has been preconfigured to start a session with a specified representative or team, your customer can begin a session by clicking the Connect button.

Alternatively, your customer can enter a session key or describe their issue. When entering a session key, the customer will connect with whichever representative generated the key, regardless of whether the representative is associated with that Bomgar Button or not.

Embedded Bomgar Button

If you have embedded a Bomgar Button in an external application, that Bomgar Button will appear as a link in the title bar of the application. Clicking this link may open the dialog for all of the session start options, may open the issue submission survey with an issue pre-selected, or may send your customer directly into a team queue with an issue pre-selected.

Bomgar Button Enter Issue

Bomgar Button Start Session

Bomgar Button Enter Session Key