Stream Video Using Bomgar InSight

Customer Client Live Streaming with Annotations

Note: This feature is available only for Apple iOS 8.2+.

From the Camera tab, the customer can stream live video with VP9 technology to the representative from their mobile device. Sharing live video footage of a desktop, device, appliance, kiosk, etc. while an issue is taking place gives the representative an additional way to assist the customer in finding a resolution to their problem.

Note: VP9 technology for iOS devices requires Bomgar version 17.1.

To view the customer's live stream, the representative must first be screen sharing with the customer's device. Then, the customer must select the Camera tab in the Bomgar customer client app. It is not possible for the representative to switch between tabs within the iOS customer client app.

When the customer's screen appears in the representative console, the representative can select the video quality from the Select Quality dropdown.

Select Quality

Note: For best results, use the More Colors or Full Color quality options.

While streaming, the customer can use native iOS camera controls to enhance the screen sharing experience. The customer can:

  • Switch between the front and rear cameras by tapping the Camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Turn on the camera's LED flash using the Flash icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Use pinch gestures to initiate the camera's zoom feature. Once zoom is initiated, a slider bar appears and may also be used to adjust zoom level.


Representative Console Viewing and Making Annotations on the Customer Client


While viewing the footage, the representative can make annotations on a frame using the Annotations dropdown from the representative console. When the representative makes an annotation, the frame freezes, allowing the customer to view the annotation and take any necessary action. Once the representative clicks on the Clear option from the Annotations dropdown, the video begins streaming again.

Annotations Option

Note: Annotations are not available in the web rep console or the mobile representative console.

Once the representative clicks on the Clear option from the Annotations drop down, the video begins streaming again.