Log into the Administrative Interface


Log into the user administrative interface by going to your appliance’s URL followed by /login. The user administrative interface enables administrators to create user accounts and configure software settings.

Although your appliance’s URL can be any registered DNS, it will most likely be a subdomain of your company’s primary domain (e.g. support.example.com/login).

Default Username: admin

Default Password: password

Because Bomgar Remote Support is licensed by concurrent users, you can set up as many accounts as you need, each with unique usernames and passwords.

Note: For security purposes, the administrative username and password used for the /appliance interface are distinct from those used for the /login interface and must be managed separately.

Note: If you are using a local account and two-factor authentication has been enabled for it, enter the email code you have received. If you enter the email code incorrectly three consecutive times, you must re-enter your credentials and get a new email code.

Use Integrated Browser Authentication

If Kerberos has been properly configured for single sign-on, you can click the link to use integrated browser authentication, allowing you to enter directly into the web interface without requiring you to enter your credentials.

Forgot your password?

If password reset has been enabled from the /login > Management > Security page, this link will be visible. To reset your password, click the link, enter your username, and then correctly answer your security question. Admins cannot reset their passwords using the security question.

Login Agreement

Administrators may restrict access to the login screen by enabling a prerequisite login agreement that must be confirmed before the login screen is displayed. The login agreement can be enabled and customized from the /login > Management > Site Configuration page.