Jumpoint: Set Up Unattended Access to a Network

Jump > Jumpoint

Jumpoint Management

Bomgar's Jump Technology enables a user to access computers on a remote network without having to pre-install software on every machine. Simply install a single Jumpoint agent at any network location to gain unattended access to every PC within that network.

Add New Jumpoint, Edit, Delete

Create a new object, modify an existing object, or remove an existing object.

Enable network browsing

At the bottom of the Jumpoint page is the option to Enable network browsing. If checked, permitted user can view and select systems from the network directory tree. If unchecked, user can access a system through a Jumpoint only by entering the system's hostname or IP address. Either way, the user must provide valid credentials to the remote system before gaining access.

Jumpoint :: Add or Edit


Create a unique name to help identify this object. This name should help users locate this Jumpoint when they need to start a session with a computer on its same network.


If checked, this Jumpoint is unavailable to make Jump connections.

Enable Shell Jump Method

If you want users to be able to connect to SSH-enabled and Telnet-enabled network devices through this Jumpoint, check Enable Shell Jump Access.

Add Users

From the Jumpoint edit page, you may authorize users to start sessions through this Jumpoint. After the Jumpoint has been created, you can also grant access to groups of users from Users & Security > Group Policies and to embassy groups from Users & Security > Embassy.