Jump Shortcuts: Import Shortcuts to Jump Items

Jump > Jump Shortcuts

Jump Shortcuts Mass Import Wizard

Create Jump Shortcuts to start standard support sessions, to start Remote Desktop Protocol sessions or VNC sessions, to Shell Jump to SSH-enabled or Telnet-enabled network devices, or to start Intel® vPro sessions.

When creating a large number of Jump shortcuts, it may be easier to import them via a spreadsheet than to add them one by one in the representative console.

Download Template

From the dropdown in the Jump Shortcuts Mass Import Wizard section, select the type of Jump Item you wish to add, and then click Download Template. Using the text in the CSV template as column headers, add the information for each Jump shortcut you wish to import. Optional fields can be filled in or left blank.

Import Jump Shortcuts

Once you have completed filling out the template, use Import Jump Shortcuts to upload the CSV file containing the Jump Item information. The maximum file sized allowed to be uploaded at one time is 5 MB. Only one type of Jump Item can be included in each CSV file.