Bomgar PA Integration with ServiceNow


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your ServiceNow solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

Organizations using ServiceNow can integrate with Bomgar PA to provide secure privileged access to critical assets from within ServiceNow, satisfy internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails, and integrate with change management processes.

  • Outbound Access Sessions - Technicians can launch Bomgar access sessions from within ServiceNow Incidents using Bomgar Jump Technology.
  • Session Updates - Bomgar access session data is written back to ServiceNow Incidents, Change Requests, and Configuration items. This includes file transfers, system information, session notes, and session recordings.
  • Change Management Endpoint Approval - Bomgar PA can be configured to request approval from ServiceNow before a device is accessed via the Bomgar PA access console.

ServiceNow Application Scope

As of version Fuji, ServiceNow supports integrations that are developed in a global scope and integrations that are developed in an application scope. This documentation covers an integration that was developed in our Bomgar PA application scope.

Edit in Global

For this integration, administrators are prompted when configuring items that live in the global scope. For example, when configuring the Form Layout of an Incident, the user is prompted with an option to Edit this Section in Global. The recommendation for this integration is to edit the section in the global scope, which allows the user to edit the form or record without having to switch out of our Bomgar application scope.