Software Requirements

  • Windows 2008 (R2) or Windows 2012 (R2)
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) installed with default settings
  • Microsoft .NET 2 and .Net 3.5 installed.
  • Active internet Connection

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium class processor 1 GHz or faster
  • HD: 150 Mb of available hard disk space
  • RAM: 120 Mb of available RAM

Network Connectivity

Bomgar Verify Security Server needs read/write access to your Active Directory server via LDAP through port 389 or LDAPs through port 636.

Note: A service account must exist within each configured domain for all Bomgar Verify servers.

  • If the Web SMS Gateway is being used to send SMS messages, the Security Server needs HTTPS access to the internet through port 443.
  • If Apple Push is being used, access to TCP port 2195 is needed in order to allow communication to the Apple Gateway,
  • The IIS Agent pre 5.4 needs HTTP access between the IIS server being protected and the Verify Server through port 80.
  • The VPN, IIS Agent, or other RADIUS-based client requires access to Verify’s RADIUS service through the default UDP or port 1812.

It is recommended that two security servers be installed for each IIS agent or each RADIUS client that is being authenticated. Each security server should be configured to connect to a primary and secondary Active Directory server. This approach prevents any single point of failure.

For Operating Systems not using English language

The following groups must be created prior to installation: Administrators and Guests. The Administrators group must possess local administrator accounts. The Guests group must possess IIS user accounts using IUSR_(hostname).