Recommended Backup Procedure

After the initial installation is complete or after re-installation of the security server software.

The Master Encryption key and configuration files are located by default:

    for 32 bit installations:
    in C:\Program Files\Bomgar\Security Server\
    for 64 bit installations:
    in C:\Program Files(x86)\Bomgar\Security Server\

The following files should be backed up

config.db, configpre54.db, local.ini and server.ini should all be backed up.

It is also recommended that you backup the following regularly –

The DATA subfolder located in the Bomgar installation folder. This contains the following information –

  • LOG files
  • RADIUS configuration Data
  • SMS Message Queue and Controls
  • SecurMail messages
  • SecurMail mailbox authentication data
  • Web Templates (Local Bomgar Verify server)
  • SMS Message Templates

The Bomgar Verify server data stored in LDAP (in the telexnumber attribute on Novell eDir, Sun Directory, OpenLDAP; In the PrimaryTelexNumber and TelexNumberOther attributes on Active Directory).

For Microsoft ADAM / AD/LDS please see Microsoft article number 737702 on Tech Net for the recommended procedure. All SecurEnvoy ADAM / AD/LDS files are stored in the DATA\Adam subfolder of the Bomgar Verify installation folder.

Automated Unmanaged users backup

Bomgar Verify makes a backup of all unmanaged users & stores these within date stamped ldf files:

    For 32 bit installations:
    C:\Program Files\Bomgar\Security Server\Data\BACKUP
    For 64 bit installations:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bomgar\Security Server\Data\BACKUP

To restore all unmanaged users from a given day, run the following:

  1. Run cmd with an administrator account
  2. ldifde -i -f (file name to restore)

Example, restore all users unmanaged on the 26th March 2014 run the command

ldifde -i -f 26_Mar_2014.ldf