Status: View Bomgar Connect Software Details

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Site Status

The main page of the Bomgar Connect /login interface gives an overview of your Bomgar site statistics. When contacting Bomgar Technical Support for troubleshooting purposes, you may be asked to email a screenshot of this page.

Time Zone

An administrator can select the appropriate time zone from a dropdown, setting the correct date and time for the selected region.

Total Active Jump Clients Allowed

Review the total number of Jump Clients which are allowed on your system. If you need more Jump Clients, contact Bomgar.

Note: Jump Clients are an add-on which can be purchased separately from your Bomgar Connect software. For information about purchasing an add-on, contact Bomgar Sales at

Named User Licenses

View the number of licenses available on your Bomgar site. If you need more licenses, please, contact Bomgar.


You can restart the Bomgar software remotely. Restart your software only if instructed to do so by Bomgar Technical Support.

Client Software Is Built to Attempt

This is the hostname to which your Bomgar client software connects. If the hostname attempted by the client software needs to change, notify Bomgar Technical Support of the needed changes so that Support can build a software update.

Logged In Representatives

View a list of representatives logged into the representative console, along with their login time and whether they are running support or presentation sessions.


You can terminate a representative's connection to the representative console.