My Account: Download the Connect Representative Console and Change Password and Username

My Account

Bomgar Representative Console

Choose Platform

Choose the operating system on which you wish to install this software. This dropdown defaults to the appropriate installer detected for your operating system.

Bomgar Web Representative Console

Launch the web rep console, a web-based representative console. Access remote systems from your browser without having to download and install the full representative console.

Download Bomgar Representative Console

Download the Bomgar representative console installer in order to provide remote support.

For system administrators who need to push out the console installer to a large number of systems, the Microsoft Installer can be used with your systems management tool of choice. In your command prompt, when composing the command to install the console using an MSI, change to the directory where the MSI was downloaded and enter the command included on the My Account page.

You can include optional parameters for your MSI installation.

  • INSTALLDIR= accepts any valid directory path where you want the console to install.
  • RUNATSTARTUP= accepts 0 (default) or 1. If you enter 1, the console runs each time the computer starts up.
  • ALLUSERS= accepts “” (default) or 1. If you enter 1, the console installs for all users on the computer; otherwise, it installs only for the current user.
  • SHOULDAUTOUPDATE=1 If you install for only the current user, you can choose to have the console automatically update each time the site is upgraded by entering a value of 1; a value of 0 (default) docs not auto-update, and the console will need to be manually reinstalled when the site is upgraded. If you install the console for all users, it does not auto-update.

Note: If you use ALLUSERS=1 with SHOULDAUTOUPDATE=1, the representative console should not be expected to auto-update. If you use SHOULDAUTOUPDATE=1 without ALLUSERS=1, the representative console should auto-update without requiring any credentials beyond those of the Bomgar user and the active Windows user. No admin credentials are necessary.

Change Your Email Settings

Email Address

Enter an email address and password for your account. Email addresses are required for all user accounts.


Enter the password for your /login account, not your email password.

Change Your Password

Bomgar recommends changing your password regularly.

Username, Current Password, New Password

Verify that you are logged into the account for which you want to change the password, and then enter your current password. Create and confirm a new password for your account. The password may be set to whatever you choose,as long as the string contains at least 8 characters and contains at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character.

Two Factor Authentication

Activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to increase the level of security for users accessing /login and the Bomgar representative console. Click Activate Two Factor Authentication, and then use an authenticator app of your choice, such as Bomgar Verify or Google Authenticator, to scan the QR code that displays on the page. Alternatively, you can manually enter the alphanumeric code displayed below the QR code into your authenticator app.

The app automatically registers the account and begins providing you with codes. Enter your password and the code generated by the app you selected, and then click Activate. Please note that each code is valid for 60 seconds, after which time a new code is generated. Once you log in, you have the option to switch to a different authenticator app or disable 2FA.

Note: If 2FA was pushed by your administrator, you do not have the option to disable it.

For more information on 2FA, please see How to Use Two Factor Authentication with Bomgar Connect .

Change Your Display Name

Display Name

This is your name as displayed to customers, on chat transcript reports, and so forth.