Jump Clients: Install Jump Clients for Unattended Access in Bomgar Connect

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Note: Jump Clients are an add-on which can be purchased separately from your Bomgar Connect software. For information about purchasing an add-on, contact Bomgar Sales at www.bomgar.com/contact.

Jump Client Mass Deployment Wizard

The Mass Deployment Wizard enables administrators and privileged users to deploy Jump Clients to one or more remote computers for later unattended access.

Mass Deploy Help

For system administrators who need to push out the Jump Client installer to a large number of systems, the Windows, Mac, or Linux executable or the Windows MSI can be used with your systems management tool of choice. You can include a valid custom install directory path where you want the Jump Client to install. You can also set certain installation parameters specific to your needs. These parameters can be specified for both the MSI and the EXE using a systems administration tool or the command line interface. If the installation fails, view the operating system event log for installation errors.

Command Line Parameter Value Description
--install-dir <directory_path> Specifies a new writable directory under which to install the Jump Client. This is supported only on Windows and Linux. When defining a custom install directory, ensure that the directory you are creating does not already exist and is in a location that can be written to.


This command line parameter sets the Jump Client's group to a specific user.
--jc-tag <tag-name> This command line parameter sets the Jump Client's tag.
--jc-comments <comments ... > This command line parameter sets the Jump Client's comments.
--silent   If included, the installer shows no windows, spinners, errors, or other visible alerts.

Note: When deploying an MSI installer on Windows using an msiexec command, the above parameters can be specified by:

  1. Removing leading dashes (-)
  2. Converting remaining dashes to underscores (_)
  3. Assigning a value using an equal sign (=)


  • msiexec /i bomgar-scc-win32.msi KEY_INFO=w0dc3056g7ff8d1j68ee6wi6dhwzfefggyezh7c40jc90 jc_jump_group=user:admin jc_tag=servers

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • installdir has a dash in the EXE version but no dashes in the MSI version.
  • /quiet is used for the MSI version in place of --silent in the EXE version.

Download or Install the Client Now


Choose the operating system on which you wish to install this software. This dropdown defaults to the appropriate installer detected for your operating system.

Note that, unlike the representative console, Jump Clients installed from an MSI do auto-update.

Note: To install a Jump Client in service mode on a Linux system, the Jump Client must be installed as root. This will NOT cause the Jump Client to run as root. A service mode Jump Client allows the user to start a session even if no remote user is logged on, as well as to log off the current remote user and log on with different credentials. A Linux Jump Client installed in user mode cannot be elevated within a session.


You can download the installer immediately if you plan to distribute it using a systems management tool or if you are at the computer to which you need later access.

Deploy to Email Recipients


You can also email the installer to one or more remote users. Multiple recipients can install the client from the same link.