Change Preferences in the iOS Connect Representative Console

iOS Settings

To change your Preferences, tap the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen.


Tap Preferences.


iOS Preferences

If Automatically show chat window for new sessions is on, the chat area on the session page will automatically open when a session begins.

For access to a quick help reference during sessions, turn on Shake device for help in session view.

To turn on Touch ID capabilities for your site, enable the Require Touch ID to use stored credentials for this site.

If Audible Alerts is enabled, your device plays audible alerts for certain events that occur within the representative console.

When Absolute Mouse Pointer Position is turned off, you must place your finger on the mouse pointer and drag to move the mouse. Tap and hold to locate the mouse pointer. If this preference is turned on, you can place the mouse pointer wherever your finger touches the screen. Tap and hold to open a fly-out menu from which you can choose to left-click, right-click, or double-click. Traditional click methods still apply.