Bomgar Connect Representative Console User Interface

Representative Console

Sessions - Manage multiple remote sessions at the same time.

Quick Start Buttons

  • Start - Open a dialog for a quick-reference guide to starting a session.
  • Session Key - Begin sessions with randomly generated, one-time use session keys.
  • Present - Share your screen with one or more remote attendees. Start a presentation immediately or schedule a presentation for a later time.
  • Local RDP - Start a Remote Desktop Protocol session with a Windows system on your local network.
  • VNC - Start a VNC session with a remote Windows system on your local network.

Queues - Your queues list customers who are waiting for support or who are in a session. Details about the remote system being supported appear in this section. Your Personal queue shows only your sessions, while the General queue shows sessions waiting for any representative.

Jump Item Interface - If you have installed Jump Clients or Jump Shortcuts on remote systems to enable unassisted access, those Jump Items appear here, grouped according to who can access them.