Bomgar Connect Public Site: Request Support

Customer Support Portal

The public site is the support portal for your Bomgar site, where your customers go to request a support session or join a presentation. On this page, your customer can initiate a session by clicking a representative’s name, submitting a session key, or clicking the Connect Now button. Your customer can also join a presentation by clicking on a presentation link or submitting a session key.

If the customer clicks a representative name or enters a session key, they are placed in the support queue of a specific representative. If they click Connect Now, they enter the general queue, where any logged-in representative can accept the session.


Customize the Bomgar Connect Support Portal

Under /login > Support Portal > Support Portal :: Customization, you can customize the Bomgar Connect support portal to match your corporate branding.

Support Portal > Support Portal :: Customizations

Add a Logo to the Bomgar Connect Support Portal

Customizations > Logo

  1. To add a logo to your portal, either drag the image file from your system to the gray box located under the Logo heading or click on the gray box to select the logo.

  3. Next, configure the size of your logo in the sizing dialog. There are three different methods for sizing the logo.
    • Logo > Fit in Box

    • Fit in Box: This option fits the entire logo within the confines of the white border found in the sizing dialog.

      Logo > Fill Entire Box

    • Fill Entire Box: This option makes the logo stretch to fill the entire area of the white border and could result in some of the image falling outside of the white border.

      Logo > Scroller

    • Zoom scroller: This option allows you to customize the sizing of the image by clicking the circle and moving the scroller to zoom in and out on the image to reach the desired size.

  4. To change the position of the logo, you can click on the image and drag the image to its desired position.
  5. Once you have sized the image, click Crop.



The image now displays in the Logo section and in the Preview section. If you wish to switch the image, click Change Logo to choose another image from your system and replace the image. You can also click Clear Logo to remove the logo entirely.

Note: For best results, use an image sized at 500 pixels wide and 128 pixels tall.

Change the Colors of the Bomgar Connect Support Portal

To change the colors seen on the Bomgar Connect support portal, use the color selectors under the Colors heading. Each selector, Accent 1, Accent 2, and Background, controls color selection for different parts of the support portal.


  • Accent 1: This selector controls the section header background color, border color, and dark text color.
  • Accent 2: This selector controls the link color, button background color, and the language globe icon color.
  • Background: This selector controls the page background color and light text color.

Note: If you need help, hover over the question mark icons found beside each color selection for reference.

You can select colors using two different methods.

Colors > Color Selection > Color Picker

Use the Color Picker

  1. Click on the color selection box, which triggers a color picker to appear.
  2. Click on the color scale to choose a color range.
  3. Then click the cicle and move it within the color range to find your desired hue.
  4. When finished, click Done.


Colors > Color Code

Type the Color Code

  1. Click within the field beside the color selection box.
  2. Type the hexadecimal color code of the specific color you wish to use.

Colors > Apply to Preview

Once you have selected your colors, click Apply Colors to Preview to see what the colors look like once added to your portal.


Save Customizations

If you are satisified with your selection, click Save Customizations to save the settings and publish the changes to your live support portal.


Preview the Bomgar Connect Support Portal


At any point, you can hover your mouse over the Preview image to enlarge the image and see what your portal will look like once your changes are saved.

Note: The Preview updates in real-time as you apply the changes. However, the changes do not appear on your live support portal until you save them.


Revert to Default, Discard Changes, and Save Customizations

If, at any point, you do not like the changes you have made, you can click Discard Changes to remove unsaved changes.

To revert the changes completely to the factory default support portal, click Revert to Default. However, the revert is not permanent until you click Save Customizations.