Screen Share with the iOS Device in Bomgar Connect

Begin Tethered Screen Sharing


Using screen sharing on an iOS device, prior to iOS 11, requires running a standard screen sharing support session with an Apple OS X 10.10+ system that is attached via USB connector to an Apple mobile device running iOS 8.0.1+.

During a standard support session with an Apple computer running OS X Yosemite or above, click the Screen Sharing button.

Screen Sharing with an iOS Device

The remote device displays in your support window. As in standard support sessions, the chat window records not only the messages and the time they were sent; it also serves as a running log of everything that happens throughout the session.

Screen Sharing with an iOS Device

Note that the customer may simply disconnect the device if entering sensitive data they do not want made a part of the session recording, and reconnect to allow you to reestablish the device screen sharing session.