Initiate an Android Connect Support Session

Users of Android mobile devices benefit from access to your professional support team. Bomgar enables you to support Android devices via a representative-initiated support invitation or from your Bomgar support portal.

Start a Session through the Support Portal

  1. To initiate a support session, the customer must navigate to your organization’s support portal, e.g., From this page, the customer chooses how they wish to start the session. The options available on the page are determined by the permissions set within the /login administrative interface.

  3. After a session start method has been chosen, the customer is presented with two options, Install App and Start Session.
  4. If the customer has the Bomgar Customer Client app installed on their Android device, they may tap Start Session to begin a session. However, the customer must tap the Install App option which enables the customer to download the Customer Client app.

Enter a Session Key to Start an Android Support Session

Android Customer Client

  1. To start a session directly from the Bomgar Customer Client app, your customer must enter your support site address, which is automatically verified, along with a unique session key you have generated from the representative console. You can provide these values to the customer verbally, via email, or via SMS.
  2. Once your customer clicks the Start button, the connection is initiated. The customer may be prompted to accept an agreement and/or allow session recordings before joining the session.


Join a Support Session through Email

Representative Email Session Key Invite

  1. You can send an email invitation from the representative console. The email contains an invitation to join a support session along with a unique session key URL.
  2. After receiving the email invite, your customer must tap the link within the email. The link takes them to a page where they can choose to begin a session by tapping the Start Session button.
  3. If the customer has the Bomgar Customer Client app installed on their Android device, they may tap Start Session to begin a session. However, if the customer does not have the app installed, the Google Play Store opens, allowing the customer to download the Customer Client app.


Use Jump Clients to Access Unattended Android Devices

A persistent connection can be established with an Android device by pinning a Jump Client to the device. This provides the ability to have unattended support sessions with Android devices. To use a Jump Client to access an Android device, follow the steps below.

Note: Bandwidth usage and battery life are minimally affected by establishing a prolonged connection.

Note: Persistent connections to unattended Android devices can occur only when the devices have both the Bomgar Connect Client and Bomgar Jump Client App installed from the Google Play Store.

Pin Jump Client icon

  1. While in a support session with the Android device, click on the Pin a Jump Client icon.

    Pinned Jump Client

  3. After pinning, click the Refresh option located above the Jump Items list, and the Android device will appear as a Jump Item in the Jump Item list. If the Pin a Jump Client icon is gray, the Android Jump Client has not been installed on the Android device.
  4. Meanwhile, the Bomgar Jump Client app on the device shows the client as pinned with a date and timestamp.

Note: Options are available for the Jump Client to be disabled if the device is relying on battery power or on data to connect.