What's New in Bomgar 15.1


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar 15.1, including:

  • Bomgar Link
  • Bomgar Button Install Directory
  • License Pools
  • NIC Teaming
  • Reporting API Enhancements
  • Session Recording Enhancements
  • Support Workflow
  • Windows POSReady
  • Canned Scripts Enhancements
  • Chat Enhancements
  • RDP File Transfer
  • System Generated Email Invites
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar 15.1

Bomgar Link

While integrating Bomgar with other systems, use scripted links to generate session keys, to start sessions with Jump Clients, and to start sessions with computers on your local network. Also Jump through Jumpoints for support sessions, RDP sessions, Shell Jump sessions, and Intel vPro sessions.

Bomgar Button Install Directory

When installing a Bomgar Button on remote Windows machines, include a valid custom install directory path where you want the Bomgar Button to install.

License Pools

License pools provide expanded flexibility to license management. Configure pools to reflect the structure of your support organization and ensure that each pool has the exact licenses to which it is are entitled.

NIC Teaming

Combine your system's physical network interface controllers (NICs) into a single logical interface, adding an additional layer of fault tolerance for your Bomgar appliance.

Reporting API Enhancements

More efficient, comprehensive reporting is now available through Real-time Dashboard and Representative Activity Reporting. Develop deep, real-time reporting to quickly analyze support center activity in your organization. Report on support representative activity regardless of whether they are in a support session or not, with metrics such as time available, busy, in concurrent sessions, etc.

Session Recording Enhancements

Enhancements allow easier playback and greater navigation control of you session recordings.

Support Workflow

Use the Representative Survey to create complete support workflows and connect them to your support teams, representatives, issues, etc. to further streamline session routing and resolution. A workflow template can allow your administrator to push a series of questions and/or check points, as well as specific links you may use in your support session.

Windows POSReady Support

Improve attainment of compliance goals with certified Bomgar support on customers’ register, ATMs, kiosks, and OEM devices running the popular Windows POSReady platform.

Canned Scripts Enhancement

Use pre-written scripts directly from the Screen Sharing interface without having to switch over to the Command Shell, increasing session effectiveness. Representatives can use canned scripts without needing Command Shell access, with the added benefit of the customer seeing the work being performed via script.

Chat Enhancements

Continuously improving chat for support, Bomgar enables efficient control of multiple chat windows with both representatives and customers simultaneously, including beneficial, full chat notifications in both directions. Easily elevate chat to a full-support session.

RDP File Transfer

In a Bomgar Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session with a remote Windows system, representatives have the capability to transfer files using Clipboard.

System Generated Email Invites

Leverage the powerful Bomgar support session invitation email feature by sending system-generated email invitations. Even representatives without email access or representatives with enterprise email policy restrictions can send and receive session email.