What's New in Bomgar 14.2


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar 14.2, including:

  • System Information Actions
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Wake-on-LAN Support
  • Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing
  • Overflow Routing Rules
  • Delegated Password Administration
  • Configurable Jump Client Installer
  • Jump Policies
  • Multi-Team Jump Client Accesst
  • Centralized Rep Console Settings
  • Rep Console Device Verification
  • Rep Auto Assign Monitor
  • Custom API Fields
  • User Account Details Reporting
  • Enhanced Session Recording Options
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar 14.2

System Information Actions

Interact with services and processes directly from the System Info tab of the representative console, without requiring screen sharing. Kill processes; start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services; and uninstall programs. When supporting an Android device, you can force close apps, stop services, and uninstall apps on the remote device. The ability to manage more tasks outside of a screen sharing session speeds your support processes while causing minimal interruption to your remote customer.

Remote Registry Editor

Access a remote Windows registry without requiring screen sharing. While in the virtual registry editor, you can add new keys, delete keys, edit keys, search, and import or export keys. Use of the virtual registry editor without screen sharing causes fewer interruptions to your customer and allows you to resolve issues more quickly.

Wake-on-LAN Support

Remotely support computers, even when they are turned off. Send Wake-on-LAN packets to a Jump Client host to turn on that computer, if the capability is enabled on the computer and its network. Wake-on-LAN helps you support more computers in more scenarios.

Rep-to-Rep Screen Sharing

Representatives can more fully collaborate by instantly sharing their screens with team members, without requiring a support session. Rep-to-rep screen sharing improves the efficiency of the support center through real-time expert support and training.

Overflow Routing Rules

Keep customer wait times low by alerting representatives of sessions with a high wait time or by routing those sessions to a backup queue.

Delegated Password Administration

Administrators can delegate the task of resetting local users' passwords to privileged users, without also granting full administrator permissions. A privileged user can change another user’s password and select if that user must change their password at next login. Additionally, if an account has an associated email address, the privileged user can choose to email the new password to the user.

Configurable Jump Client Installer

Easily automate the mass deployment of your Jump Client network by allowing customization during installation. The Jump Client command line installer has new switches which allow a script to modify a variety of Jump Client parameters when executed. This allows you to create custom mass deployment scripts to pull in variables from other sources and use the variables to modify the Jump Client parameters at install time.

Jump Policies

Better control of access to Jump Clients using time schedules and durations. Create Jump Policies to determine when representatives are allowed to access certain Jump Clients. Also, when deploying during a session, the representative can set how long a Jump Client remains active before being automatically uninstalled.

Multi-Team Jump Client Access

Maintain compliance with your security requirements while allowing specific teams and embassies access to the right endpoints. Separate representatives into teams according to departmental structures while still allowing access to shared Jump Clients.

Centralized Rep Console Settings

Provide a repeatable, consistent support experience to your support representatives by defining the representative console settings for your entire team. The administrator can force settings, allow settings to be overridden by representative, or leave settings unmanaged.

Rep Console Device Verification

Enforce the networks on which your representatives consoles may be used, or require multifactor authentication to log into the representative console. A device token issued while inside your organization's restricted network can be required upon a user's first authentication to the representative console or upon every login.

Rep Auto Assign Monitor

Better manage your help desk efficiency by knowing the status of your representatives. Team leads and managers can now easily see which representatives are available to take sessions. Status indicators show whether representatives are available, are idle, are busy, or have auto-assign turned off. A bar at the bottom of the dashboard also shows the percentage of representatives in each state. Visibility into your support teams' availability can improve efficiency and lower response times.

API Custom Fields

Create custom API fields to gather information about your customer, enabling you to more deeply integrate Bomgar in your support center. You can also make fields and their values visible in the representative console. Use of custom fields provides more flexibility when developing integrations for use in your environment, allowing seamless flow throughout your support process.

User Account Details

Easily export account information about your representatives for auditing purposes.

Enhanced Session Recording Options

Better meet your privacy initiatives with more selective session recording options. Determine which activities are recorded per portal. Additionally, customers can be given an opt-out prompt for all recordings. Selective recording allows help desks to establish a solid audit trail that includes recordings, while honoring specific customers' privacy concerns.