What's New in Bomgar 13.1


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar 13.1, including:

  • Rep Console UI Enhancements
  • Presentation Enhancements
  • Flash Presentation
  • Canned Message Management
  • Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android
  • Jump To Enhancements: Virtual Smart Card with Push Start
  • Prompting per Jump Client
  • And much more!
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar 13.1

Rep Console UI Enhancements

The Rep Console user interface has been modified to better address workflows and team scalability. A new home screen layout improves visibility across all of your teams, and small improvements throughout the interface provide a smooth, consistent experience.

Presentation Enhancements

Bomgar has enhanced presentation capabilities, for both presenters and attendees, to improve collaboration for IT, Support, and other departments during training and demonstrations. The new capabilities include a streamlined interface for presenters, audio conference details to easily give customers your conference line phone number, and a significantly increased number of allowed attendees.

Flash Presentation

With the Flash based interface, joining a presentation is a seamless process that does not require the installation of a client. Attendees can open or close a chat window, scale the screen viewing area or toggle a full-screen view of the presentation. Attendees may also dock or undock, or close the chat window. If the attendee receives a message while the chat window is closed, the message will pop up in the browser momentarily. Reps can also share mouse and keyboard control with an attendee.

Canned Message Management

Working with Canned Messages is now much easier and flexible for both administrators and representatives. The management interface for creating, assigning, and organizing Canned Messages eases the process of managing large numbers of Canned Messages and assigning messages to multiple teams. In addition, the structure and organization of Canned Messages is now reflected in the Representative Console. This makes it easier for support reps to quickly select a message from either a new fly-out menu or from a new search box.

Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

Using Bomgar SDK for iOS or Android, Application Developers will be able to embed Bomgar's Remote Support Technology in their own IOS and Android applications. This will allow organizations to support their internally developed mobile applications by offering remote screen viewing of those apps for troubleshooting and training purposes.

iOS Enterprise App Store Support

Deploy Bomgar iOS Rep Console in restricted environments that do not have access to the Apple App Store.

JumpTo Enhancements: Virtual Smart Card With Push Start

When starting a Jump To session on a local network, support reps can specify credentials using a smart card. Additionally, based on Rep configuration, a virtual smart card driver can be automatically installed on the remote computer.

Prompting Per Jump Client

This feature provides more granular control over the customer client prompting per endpoint. Better granularity over how prompting is handled allows for tighter security in environments where both attended and unattended support are provided by the same Reps. Now the same rep can have the access they need to a server, where no prompting is required, but still support a desktop with an end-customer present, where prompting is required.

File Transfer Enhancements

When using the File Transfer tool during a support session, support reps now have the ability to delete and rename files or folders, as well as view the UNC paths of any mapped drives on the remote computer.

Customer Client Splash Screen

When starting a support session, customers will see a small splash screen immediately after launching the customer client. The splash screen provides visual confirmation that their support session is about to begin.

Persistent Queue

A queue configured to be persistent allows customers to initiate sessions on that queue even when no reps on that team are logged in. All sessions initiated with persistent queues remain in the queue indefinitely until they are routed to a rep, either manually or automatically.

Group Policy Usability

Administrators can view a given user's Group Policy membership under the Edit User page in the administrative interface. Similarly, Team memberships assigned via Group Policies can be viewed under Team Edit page in the administrative interface. These enhancements make it much easier to see which Group Policy is determining a user's settings, which is especially helpful for sites with a large number of Group Policies.

Private Display Names

All reps may now have two separate display names: a Private display name for internal use and a Public display name for external use. By using an anonymous Public display name, your technicians have a way to provide support without having to share personally identifying information.

Appliance Integration with Dell Kace

This feature gives you the ability to integrate your Bomgar Appliance directly with a Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance. Now your KACE tickets can be directly updated by your appliance whenever a Bomgar session ends, or a rep or customer exit survey is completed.