What's New in Bomgar 12.2 and 12.3


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar 12.2 and 12.3, including:

  • Automatic Session Distribution
  • Customer Notices
  • Post Session Lock
  • Annotations
  • Custom Special Actions
  • Collaborative Browser Sharing
  • Intelligent Collaborations
  • And much more!
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar 12.2 and 12.3

Welcome. We're going to show you what's new in Bomgar 12.2 and 12.3.


12.2 Features

Automatic Session Distribution

Automatically prioritize and route sessions based on the areas of expertise covered by your representatives. By matching an issue to a skill set, you can route a support session to the best equipped representatives instead of simply having the session assigned to the next available rep.

Group Policy Template

Copy an existing group policy to create a new policy with similar members and permissions. You also can export a group policy and import those permissions into a policy on another site. Viewing and editing group policies in the administrative interface has also been enhanced to speed page load time and decrease the time needed to save changes.

Customer Notices

Create notifications to alert your customers of important issues that may affect them. Post the important notifications to the top of your support portal, additionally pushing these messages to all active customer clients. You can, for example, notify customers of broadly impacting IT outages to avoid flooding your support technicians with redundant reports of known issues.

On Hold Notices

Provide real-time status updates to waiting customers, informing them of their position in queue and the estimated wait time.

What's New

Within the administrative interface, easily review Bomgar features and capabilities newly available with each upgrade. Learn how to use Bomgar more effectively, without disruption to productivity.

Manual Updates

Manually check for updates by generating a unique appliance key and submitting it to Bomgar’s update server. Because updates can be downloaded to a removable storage device and then transferred to your appliance, you can securely and efficiently keep your Bomgar software up to date, regardless of your appliance’s network location.

Post Session Lock

Set the customer client to automatically log the end-user out of the remote Windows computer when an elevated support session ends. This helps prevent the end-user from accessing unauthorized privileges after the session. Additionally, if the session connection is lost, the remote user’s mouse and keyboard input can be temporarily disabled, resuming either when the connection is restored or when the session is terminated.

Restrict Rep Access to Customer Client

To strengthen security, prevent representatives from interacting with the customer client while screen sharing. Representatives may move or minimize the client but may not type in its chat area or click any links or buttons.

Simpler SSL Configuration

Create and import SSL certificates to your Bomgar Appliance via a simplified, streamlined interface.


While screen sharing, use annotation tools to highlight information or areas of focus on the remote user's screen. Drawing tools, including a free-form pen and scalable shapes, can aid in training remote users. Annotations are also available during presentations, allowing you to highlight areas or information in the presentation.

12.3 Features

Active Jump Client Scalability

Bomgar has increased the capacity for Active Jump Clients without impacting performance. Make more efficient use of your network and device resources while gaining access to more unattended remote systems. This change applies to the latest models of the B300 and B400 and to the Virtual Appliance when configured correspondingly.

Custom Special Actions

Create representative console special action shortcuts for tasks specific to your environment,. These shortcuts will streamline your team’s effort to complete repetitive tasks, speeding up their ability to provide support in a more efficient manner.

Embedded Bomgar Button

Embed a Bomgar Button within applications deployed throughout your enterprise. This will provide your customers with a streamlined way to request remote support directly from the application being used.

Extractable Rep Console

Download a mass-deployable representative console to distribute to representatives prior to or in parallel with upgrading the Bomgar Appliance.

Representative Login Schedule

Control access to the representative console, restricting when representatives can be logged in. Once a login schedule is created, the representative is not allowed to login outside of the time window set by the administrator. If Force Logout is selected, the representative will receive a warning 15, 5 and 1 minute before they are logged out of the session.

Collaborative Browser Sharing

Allow non-privileged representatives, or representatives in otherwise restricted environments to use real-time interaction with remote customers by co-browsing the web without using a full-support screen-sharing session.

Intelligent Collaboration

Resolve issues more effectively by quickly engaging support collaboration with additional representatives based upon both their skill-sets and their availability. Reps no longer need to know all the reps and each of their skills or who is currently logged in and available. Intelligent Collaboration allows reps to invite any number of other reps into a session by just knowing either a team or even just the type of problem they are having.

Support for Virtualized Environments

Bomgar is extending its platform support to our rep/customer clients by certifying Citrix XenDesktop 5+ and VMware View versions 5 and newer.