Control Unattended Computers with Jump Clients – Bomgar 10.6


Access unattended remote computers by using Bomgar Jump Clients. Search through and view a list of deployed Jump Clients, see status and statistics for each one, and perform administrative functions such as editing.

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Transcript: Control Unattended Computers with Jump Clients – Bomgar 10.6

Jump Clients

With Bomgar Jump Clients, a support representative can access and control unattended computers.

Pinning a Jump Client in a Session

From within a support session, you can pin a Jump Client to the remote system. Select which queue to pin it to.

Jump Client Administration

When a user with standard Jump Client privileges opens his representative console, he can see Jump Clients pinned to his personal queue as well as his team queues. From this interface, he can search for a Jump Client based on its name and comments. Using the buttons at the top of the interface, the rep can jump to a Jump Client or uninstall it from the remote computer and remove it from the list. He can also move it into or out of groups.

Right-click on a Jump Client for the additional actions of setting comments or a password, or of moving it to another of your team queues. Team Managers and Leads also have the option to move the Jump Client to another representative's personal queue.

Privileged users can open the Jump Client Management window from the button above the Jump interface or from the Support menu. From this window, you can view and manage all Jump Clients connected to your Bomgar support site.

Search for a Jump Client based on all fields. Using the buttons at the top of the management window, you can jump to any Jump Client, regardless of queue. You can also remove or regroup Jump Clients, or you can export all Jump Client information into a CSV file. At the bottom of the window, view how many Jump Clients are installed, and the last time the statistics were updated.