Android Remote Support App for Customers (Bomgar Customer Client)


The expanded Bomgar Android customer client allows IT support representatives to securely support end-users with smartphones or tablets powered by Google's Android platform. The Bomgar Android customer client for businesses allows IT support to securely chat with, transfer files to and from, and view the system information of end-users with an Android smartphone or tablet. The Bomgar Android customer client for device manufacturers and carriers includes the same features plus screen-sharing capabilities that allow remote viewing and control of an Android device.

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Transcript: Bomgar Android Customer Client


Hi, my name is Donald Hasson, product engineer for Bomgar Corporation, the worldwide leader in secure, appliance-based remote support solutions. For the next few minutes, I would like to share with you Bomgar's new Android client capability, which will allow you to securely support any end-user with an Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Bomgar offers full remote support capabilities for the Android device, including screen sharing for device manufacturers and carriers, where they decide to allow the device to grant the required accessibility. Bomgar now offers Android support specifically for businesses, that includes the ability to securely chat in session, transfer files, and view critical system information on the Android smartphone or tablet. This Android client for business could provide full remote support as well, but only with the prior approval from the device manufacturer or carrier.


So let's see how the new Android client works, using full remote support capabilities.

We've already started a session with an Android customer, and we know that this customer is trying to install Skype and is also having some performance issues. So first, we'll just verify that with them.

So we'll start by installing Skype, but first, I want to verify the system information and make sure that the device can handle another installed application. It looks like they have plenty of memory and plenty of storage space. Let's verify that there are no previously installed versions of Skype. It looks like there aren't. We can also take a look at the file system through the File Transfer interface, but for this exercise, we actually won't do that.

So we'll go back to the screen sharing interface and install Skype. Go to the Android Market; search for Skype; select the application that we want; and then just install it.

Multi-Session Support

Now I know that Skype takes a little while to install, so while I'm waiting, I can go back to my team queue and see if there are any other sessions that I can support. It looks like there's a BlackBerry session waiting in the queue, so I'll hit the Get Next button and start that session.

The details are showing me that this is an issue I've seen before and something that I'm going to need to send to the Engineering team. But before I do, I can grab some events from the Event Log and paste it into the session notes to help them out.

I'll tell the customer that we're going to be transferring them. I'll transfer the session to the Engineering team and then close the session out.

Session Sharing

Okay, so let's take a look at our Android and see how it's doing. It looks like Skype is finished installing. We'll just run it to make sure it's working okay. It looks like everything's working fine.

Now for the performance issues, I'm going to need help from our HTC Embassy using Rep Invite. So I'll just click Share, and invite that rep in. Select the HTC profile. And since I don't know the name of the HTC representative (I just have a point of contact) we'll start with that. The point of contact will email the correct representative. I'll create the key and then email the URL out.

Okay, it looks like our HTC rep has joined us. I'll just fill him in on the issue that we're having. Okay, so while the rep is working on the customer's issue, I'll just switch over to the Summary tab and start filling out my notes.

Okay, it looks like the HTC rep has resolved the customer's issue. And we'll just finish up with the customer. So all we have left to do is close out of the session.


Thank you for giving us the chance to show you how Bomgar is remaining committed to providing you the widest multi-platform support options in the market. The Bomgar Android client is included in the new Bomgar 11.1 release coming this summer. For more information, visit