Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 11.1 contains the following updates for support representatives using Bomgar.

Feature Standard Enterprise

iPad Rep Console

Support reps can use an iPad to conduct remote support sessions, access Jump Clients, and chat with customers and other representatives by using a native iPad Bomgar Rep Console.

Android Support

Support reps can now support remote mobile devices running Android via the Bomgar support app in Google Play. Capabilities include chat, push URL in chat, file transfer, and view system info.

SMS Session Start

Send a session key via SMS to begin a remote support session.

Jump Client Scalability

Representatives and administrators can deploy non-persistent Jump Clients that listen for connections. With both persistent and non-persistent Jump Clients, support even more unattended systems in Bomgar 11.1.

Representative Console Improvements

Usability improvements for the Bomgar Representative Console make it easier for support reps to manage Jump Clients and offer more options for notifications.

Representative Console Custom Link

From within a support session, representatives can launch a URL integrating the session's external key. This can give quick access to programs such as customer relationship management or helpdesk tracking tools, directly opening a customer's support ticket, account profile, or other information.

Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support

Support reps can view all monitors in a single view or individual monitors with a thumbnail view of all monitors in the Bomgar Representative Console.