Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 15.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar representatives.



Canned Scripts Enhancement

Use pre-written scripts directly from the Screen Sharing interface without having to switch over to the Command Shell, increasing session effectiveness. Representatives can use canned scripts without needing Command Shell access, with the added optional benefit of the customer seeing the work being performed via script.

Chat Enhancements

Continuously improving chat for support, Bomgar enables efficient control of multiple chat windows with both representatives and customers simultaneously, including beneficial, full chat notifications in both directions. Easily elevate chat to a full-support session.

RDP File Transfer

In a Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol session, copy and paste files from one system to another using the integrated clipboard functionality. To use this feature, the representative must be on a Windows operating system.

System Generated Email Invites

Leverage the powerful Bomgar support session invitation email feature by sending email either through the representative's local email account or directly from a central email address. Even representatives without email access or representatives with enterprise email policy restrictions can send and receive session email.