Bomgar Button Install Directory

When installing a Bomgar Button executable on remote Windows machines, you can specify a custom install directory path where you want the Bomgar Button to install. If the install directory you specify does not exist, it will be created, assuming the installation has sufficient permissions on the local system. You can specify the install directory using either the MSI installation package or the EXE installation package. This requires Bomgar 15.1.3 or higher.

The syntax for the EXE installation is

bomgar-scc-w07dc30w8ff8h51116g785zgh151hdfe8y6z7jgc408c90 --cb-install-dir "C:\Bomgar Button"

where bomgar-scc-w07dc30w8ff8h51116g785zgh151hdfe8y6z7jgc408c90 is the filename of your executable install client and "C:\Bomgar Button" is the path you wish the installation to use.

The syntax for the MSI installation is

msiexec /i bomgar-scc-win64.msi KEY_INFO=w0hdc301hd18wxj8xjfd8z6jzyefz7wzd1gwwd6c408c90 INSTALLDIR="C:\Bomgar Button"

where bomgar-scc-win64.msi is the name of your MSI installation package, w0hdc301hd18wxj8xjfd8z6jzyefz7wzd1gwwd6c408c90 is the key of your installation package, and "C:\Bomgar Button" is the path you wish the installation to use.

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