Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 14.1 contains the following updates for support representatives using Bomgar.

Feature Standard Enterprise

Click-to-Chat Mobile

Using Bomgar’s web-based chat, easily chat with customers on their mobile devices. Click-to-chat relies on HTML5 technology, allowing you to chat with customers on iOS and Android devices without requiring that they download an app. Click-to-chat for mobile reduces the support time for mobile customers and is a clean, simple experience.

Enhanced Customer Prompts

Set customer client prompts to appear as pop-ups instead of text links. Pop-up prompts are more obvious to the end-user, helping customers interact with support representatives more quickly and driving down overall time to resolution. Pop-up prompts do not apply to mobile clients or click-to-chat sessions.

Enhanced Rep Notification

Customizable audio alerts and louder default alerts help representatives maintain optimal efficiency. Representatives can granularly configure which events trigger alerts and can upload custom audio files.

HTML5 Chat

With Bomgar’s enhanced click-to-chat functionality, easily chat with remote customers who do not have Flash enabled. Bomgar’s web-based chat has been improved to use HTML5 technology, allowing you to chat with customers without requiring that they have Flash installed.

Mobile Presentation Attendee Client

Quickly and easily join a Bomgar presentation anytime and from anywhere using the new iOS and Android Bomgar presentation app. Attendees can join presentations using the same methods you have made available to your desktop clients. When in a presentation, attendees can zoom and pan, chat with the presenter and other attendees, and toggle or lock the toolbar.

Mobile Rep Privacy Screen

When supporting sensitive systems from a mobile rep console, click an icon to invoke the privacy screen on the customer system. The representative must have the permission to restrict the customer’s display, mouse, and keyboard.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Integration

Bomgar provides a centralized, cross-network, secure remote desktop protocol (RDP) tool, with no configuration of endpoints required. Because remote desktop sessions are proxied through a Jumpoint and converted to Bomgar sessions, representatives can share or transfer sessions, and sessions can be automatically audited and recorded. Available features include screen sharing, text clipboard, multi-monitor support, and remote screen capture.

Streamlined Session Start

Connect to customers more quickly and easily. Sessions started in Internet Explorer now use ClickOnce to download and run the customer client with only one click. Other browsers use Java to reduce the number of clicks needed to start a support session. Sessions fall back to the traditional method of download if neither ClickOnce nor Java is available.