Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 13.1 contains the following updates for support representatives using Bomgar.

Feature Standard Enterprise

Customer Client Splash Screen

The process of starting a session is easier and cleaner, with a small window appearing on the customer's system to reassure them that the session start process is moving along successfully. A notification also appears when elevating the customer client from user mode to service mode.

Enhanced Android Support

Support remote Android devices in-depth. A built-in web browser allows for co-browsing, and Android 4.0+ devices can share screenshots with the representative.

File Transfer Enhancements

Perform more actions from the file transfer interface, such as deleting files and folders, renaming files and folders, and viewing the network path of a mapped drive on the remote system.

Jump To Enhancements: Virtual Smart Card Support

Jumping on a local network has been improved. The client-side smart card driver can be installed when Jumping to a remote system.


Presentation Enhancements

Give presentations more easily, with a streamlined presentation-only interface. The number of attendees allowed has increased, and attendees can join a presentation more easily, with a Flash interface eliminating the need to download a software client.

Private Display Names

Protect representatives' privacy by allowing them to set two display names – one for internal use and one for external use.

Prompting per Jump Client

Granularly control whether each Jump Client should follow the representative's setting to prompt for permissions or never to prompt. For example, disable prompting for a Jump Client on a server, while maintaining stricter privacy compliance on attended systems by requiring an answer to a prompt.

Representative Console User Interface Enhancements

A new home screen layout improves visibility across all of your teams, and other improvements throughout the interface provide a smooth, consistent experience.