SSH/Telnet vs. Bomgar

Are you using open source SSH or Telnet tools to support your servers and network devices? Bomgar includes SSH/Telnet, but also much more. This competitive document details key differences that make Bomgar a better way to support all of your systems.

Is SSH Secure Enough for the Enterprise?

SSH & Telnet products are not built to deal with the ever present threat of data breach. Connecting across the internet requires holes in the company firewall, and there is no way to audit who does what on each system. Enterprise support centers can’t afford the risk that entails. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, over 30 percent of hacking-related data breaches utilized command shell functionality.

We compare Bomgar with command shell technology by looking at the following:

  • Architecture & Technology: How well does each product handle advanced troubleshooting processes?
  • Security: Does the solution architecture enable security best practices? Is there an audit trail to see who is doing what on which system?
  • Platform Support: How well does the solution operate across/between multiple operating systems?
  • Management: Does the solution enable efficient management of end users, reps, and external vendors?
  • Integration: Does the solution enable a seamless workflow by integrating with ITSM and CRM tools?
  • Collaboration: Does the solution enable collaboration between reps, administrators, and outside vendors?

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