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Compare the Deployment Model Used by WebEx® Support Center


Unlike online meeting software, which allows the only the screen to be shared, remote support software enables deep access to every computer, smartphone and server in your organization. The potential for transferring very sensitive data over remote desktop sessions is high.

With a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS), such as WebEx Support Center, your sensitive data (ex., LDAP credentials) is routed through 3rd party servers. But with the appliance-based approach used by Bomgar, you are in control.

For the enterprise support organization, Bomgar is a better fit than SaaS. Our appliances make it easier to achieve compliance, create integrations and manage costs over time. Watch this video to learn more.

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"While Bomgar has a lot of great features, the ability to host the solution in our environment was paramount for us. All other solutions we looked at (LogMeIn, GoToAssist, WebEx) would have resulted in some amount of data leaving Canada to hosted solutions in the US. As an agency that exists under governmental oversight that is a tough, if not impossible, sell."
Andy Reimer, Manager, Customer Support Centre
Workers' Compensation Board, British Columbia, Canada

Does WebEx® Support Center Support Your Operating System?

Installing Ubuntu Remotely with Intel vPro
Installing Ubuntu Remotely with Intel vPro

Both Bomgar and WebEx Support Center are full-featured on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. Support reps can also work from any of these platforms.

But Bomgar lets you extend support to network devices or computers on an isolated LAN than are not web-connected. Bomgar's Jump Technology also enables more advanced troubleshooting of unattended desktops, servers and point-of-sale systems (POS).

You can even use vPro Technology through Bomgar to boot to BIOS on a remote desktop and change settings below the operating system.

Mac 0S X Remote Support of iPhone 5
Remote support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

What About Mobile Devices?

WebEx Support Center does not support iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices.

WebEx's focus on online meetings is illustrated by the fact that, while you can host and attend online meetings on mobile devices, you cannot support mobile devices with WebEx Support Center.

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You Can Support All Your Platforms and Devices with Bomgar

Cross Platform Remote Support Software

Bomgar enables remote support for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. And in contrast to WebEx Support Center, you can support iOS, Android devices, BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile phones with Bomgar.

With Bomgar, support technicians can connect from their preferred platform. Linux experts can connect from Linux. Mac aficionados, from Mac.

Plus, Bomgar was the first to create mobile apps that let reps engage in remote support from their Android or iOS devices.

All supported platforms are included in the core product.

Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart
Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart
"It is clearly a tool designed for remote support, unlike WebEx, which is a meeting solution that doubles as a remote support tool. Bomgar makes the support process easier for our customers, which was our primary goal."
Bonnie Baker, Director of Information Technology, BankTEL

Is WebEx® Support Center Secure Enough for the Enterprise?


While WebEx Support Center’s SaaS architecture may be convenient, customers take a security risk every time they route sensitive data through third party servers.

Because Bomgar resides behind your firewall, it keeps all of your data under your control and enables you to ensure regulatory compliance. Bomgar logs and records every session. All session data is guarded by SSL encryption.

Bomgar resides in your network, under the security measures you already have in place. After most support sessions, Bomgar uninstalls, leaving no footprint on the remote desktop.

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"We had multiple pain points that led us to look for a new solution to replace WebEx. The first would be security. Many of our clients were coming to us saying, 'We need a more secure solution for you to take control of our workstations.'"
Phil Demuth, VP, Head of Internal Systems, Fiserv

How Well Does WebEx® Support Center Integrate?

BMC Dell KACE Cherwell Hornbill HP Salesforce ServiceNow

WebEx Support Center only integrates with Salesforce.com.

Enterprise support organizations need more robust integration capabilities. That’s why Bomgar integrates with a number of the leading systems management, service desk, and CRM tools.

You can use Bomgar with Autotask, BMC, Dell KACE, Cherwell, Hornbill, HP, TOPdesk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SunView ChangeGear. You can even create custom ITSM integrations with your proprietary solutions.

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"When getting support from a vendor, such as our payroll system provider, the traditional approach was for them to ask us to connect to a WebEx or some other third-party tool. We take a security risk when giving someone outside our network access to our environment. Now, we make them log in with Bomgar, and I can control what they can and can’t do and know that their application will uninstall whenever the session is closed. This is another huge advantage. "
Mike Castillo, Director of Network Infrastructure
Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Doesn't Bomgar Cost More than WebEx® Support Center?

WebEx Support Center Cost Annual
WebEx Support Center vs. Bomgar Annual Cost
WebEx Support Center Cumulative
WebEx Support Center vs. Bomgar Cumulative Cost

Because Bomgar is appliance-based, many people think Bomgar costs more than WebEx Support Center. But do the math.

It's true that WebEx Support Center often involves a lower up-front investment, but Bomgar’s one-time purchase model offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In most cases, customers begin to see savings over WebEx Support Center between the first and second year.

Ownership means customers pay significantly less in subsequent years than they do with WebEx Support Center's rental model.

Unlike WebEx Support Center, Bomgar is a full-featured, all-inclusive solution designed for support. With WebEx Support Center, customers would need to buy additional support tools to fill in the gaps in service.

With Bomgar, remote support, chat support, unattended remote access, online meetings, mobile device support, vendor access management and all the supported platforms are all included in the core product at no additional charge.

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"Bomgar is an enterprise-class solution designed for large, service-oriented organizations. WebEx is designed for a much broader audience, to use for giving presentations to remote audiences, and has a feature set largely geared for that purpose. It is also a “cloud” service (not located locally). The feature set differences, and security concerns associated with a cloud service prevent WebEx from being our tool of choice for IT support needs."
IT Services, Cornell University

WebEx® Is Designed for Meetings. Bomgar Is Designed for Support.

IDC Worldwide Clientless Remote Support Software 2012 Vendor Shares
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Ask almost anyone what WebEx is. Chances are they'll say it's a tool for online meetings. In fact, WebEx has worked hard to become a leader in online meetings.

Consider how heavily weighted toward the needs of sales and marketing users WebEx’s product portfolio is. WebEx Meetings, Event Center, Training Center, and Collaboration Solutions serve a different user-base than WebEx Support Center does. This bias reduces the company's focus on the support product and translates into fairly slow upgrade cycles for WebEx Support Center.

But Bomgar is designed for support.

That's why Bomgar offers more platform support and more advanced troubleshooting tools. Remote support technology vendors face the challenge of supporting a variety of operating systems and devices both on and off the corporate network. So all of Bomgar's research and development efforts are focused on improving remote support for enterprise support organizations.

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