#1 in Enterprise Remote Support Because We're Designed for the Enterprise

#1 in Enterprise Market Share

2012 IDC report cover Companies with 1,000 or more employees choose Bomgar more than any other remote support software vendor. That's because Bomgar is uniquely designed for the enterprise.

Our unique design offers the security, integration, collaboration and management capabilities enterprise support organizations need. Plus, our concurrent licensing and professional services expedite your ROI.



2012 IDC report cover
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Bomgar is Designed for the Enterprise

Your enterprise has unique support requirements. You could patch together multiple tools designed as spot solutions for small deployments. But what you really need is a remote support solution designed for the enterprise. That's Bomgar. Here are a few ways Bomgar is designed for the enterprise.


The Bomgar appliance enables robust security for every support session. Over 50 permissions give managers granular control. And your appliance records everything.

Remote Support Security

Platform Support

How many remote support tools do you need? We think you only need one. That's why Bomgar lets you support Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and more.

Platform Support


Bomgar lets you leverage your ticketing, CRM, systems management and other systems with deep integrations that automate processes and increase resource utilization.



With Bomgar you can define collaboration and escalation paths, enabling you to use your skilled resources effectively and resolve more in 1st tier.

Intelligent Collaboration


Unlike the named seat licensing common with SaaS solutions, Bomgar's concurrent licensing model lets you share licenses across teams and shifts for follow-the-sun support.

Value of Bomgar

Professional Services

Our professional services team offers training, installation and custom integration. We can also increase and expedite your ROI with a Post Implementation Value Assessment.

Professional Services

Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Bomgar

Use this Comparison Matrix to start evaluating remote support tools

Use This Free Comparison Matrix to Help You Compare Bomgar vs. Other Tools

We've done a lot of the work for you. This free comparison matrix covers the critical areas you need to cover when picking a remote support software tool.

  • Collaboration
  • Environment
  • Integration
  • Licensing
  • Manageability
  • Platform support
  • Security
  • Session initiation methods
  • Toolset 
  • ... and more! 

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