The change from IT ‘Technical’ Department to IT ‘Service’ Department – Tips for the Techie…

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Alan Glenister

Most of us are experienced Techies and I'm sure we are all very good at keeping up with the latest technology but over the last few years, IT Departments have been moving their focus away from providing the traditional ‘technology’ centric service and moving into a 'customer' centric service.

The upshot of this is that many IT staff are being led away from their darkened rooms in the basement of the company (where only the bravest ‘non-techie’ would venture) and into a much more accessible and collaborative environment, one which may not be familiar or comfortable for some of us.

Can you share any tips (and dare I say tricks) to help our colleagues thrive in this new world?

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    As IT Staff in this day and age we need to be open to embracing new technologies and openly communicate with our peers and listen to their needs and technology problems in order to work as a team.  In the past IT could just say no that is not allowed on the network, etc…. but in order to maintain good relationships with other staff in the company we need to be able to step out of our comfort zone (basement) and work as a team.

    Listening and making the co-worker feel heard and appreciated has helped me greatly over the last couple of years.

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    Eric Samuelson
    Lithium Technologies

    I just started exploring this site but it sounds related to what you are looking into.

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    ​The message boards at have been an invaluable resource to provide entry-level malware removal walkthroughs for our technicians.  Check out this example for removing the old Zero-Access rootkit:


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