Some basic portal customizations

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Harish Kumar Benne

Hi All,

We all know how much pain it is to customize our own Bomgar support portals with all those HTML and CSS. I believe these are some customizations that can be provided default by application itself:

1) Provide an option to set a background image for the support portal.

2) Some colors characterize a bit of the company, changing the text color on portal will make it feel more personal.

3) An option to display the engineer name in the form of thumbnail will give great look to the portal.

4) Order of Content. Changing the order of Rep list, Session Key and Issue Submission will be another great customization.

5) Session Key can be provided as a pop-up or drop down text field. Reduces the content on portal.

Any more suggestions would be helpful.

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    Liz Shulof

    ​Thanks for the feedback Harish! Our Product team has received your suggestions, and we welcome any more ideas on how we can make portal customization easier. 

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