Need help with Bomgar Buttons in 12.3.5

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Sande Nissen
(I'm not the primary user of Bomgar here--that's the HelpDesk.) I have been tasked with creating Bomgar Buttons for each platform and using our software deployment system (Dell KACE K1000) to install them on every machine for every user. We have version 12.3.5 today, but may upgrade to 13.1 tomorrow.

So here's my first problem, running the win32 MSI installer manually and elevated: It fails to install, complaining "KEY_INFO argument is empty. KEY_INFO must be supplied."

What the heck is a KEY_INFO? I don't see that in the rep or admin guides.                     Sande
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    Russell Long

    As Bomgar is a Dell KACE partner, your best bet may be to contact Support for assistance with setting this up.

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    Sande Nissen

    Bomgar may be a Dell KACE partner, but I'm not using Bomgar through the K1000 and we bought Bomgar independently. I haven't even try to implement the K1000 "machine actions" integration yet.

    I need a Bomgar answer, not a Dell answer.

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    Sande Nissen

    Here's the answer, for anyone who is interested:

    It turns out that KEY_INFO is a public MSI variable related to your Bomgar license, that has to be supplied on the MSIEXEC command line when using the .msi installers. (Be nice if the documentation said that much.) You get its value when you create the .MSI file: a "script" is displayed showing an example of the MSIEXEC command line with the KEY_INFO variable shown.

    If you don't have sufficient permissions in the Bomgar /login interface, you either cannot create Bomgar buttons, or you won't see the script with the KEY_INFO variable you need. I didn't have the necessary permissions.

    The End.

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