How to Resurrect a Wet BlackBerry

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Justin Brock

Over Christmas 2008, I had an accident with my BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. For a number of days the phone was completely fried. This post explains how I was able to revive it.

1. The Support Ticket: It has to drown first

Kids, don't try this at home, especially on company equipment. However, if you ever do happen to drop your BlackBerry into water, it will die.
It happened to me, unfortunately. Here is the support ticket exactly as I submitted it to IT:
"My BlackBerry fell into the sink and was submerged in a solution of water and chicken broth for about 1.2 seconds. I dried it off with a towel and blow dryer, then buried it in a bowl of rice. It doesn’t seem to be working.
I was considering placing it in the oven at a low temperature [I've heard that's worked before]. But I probably need to just request a new one. Any chance of that? Hope you guys are laughing by now."


2. First Attempt: Rice Didn't Work For Me

I've heard of people drying out their phone by sticking it in a bowl of rice. I tried this. For two or three days I tried this. No cigar.


3. Second Attempt: Recipe for Baked BlackBerry

Due to what is known around the office as the CEE [Current Economic Crisis] I decided on one more attempt at salvaging my phone. Here was my recipe for Baked BlackBerry:
1. Preheat the oven to about 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
2. Remove the battery and backing from your phone
3. Put your BlackBerry in an oven-safe, non-metal container [Corningware]
4. Place the bowl with the BlackBerry into the oven
5. Turn off the gas [This probably shouldn't be done in an electric oven]
6. Close the door and let it sit in there until it is cool to the touch.
The second time I did this, my phone worked!!! It didn't even smell of chicken broth.
My compliments to the folks at RIM.



I don't know that any of this would have worked had I not immediately removed the battery and backing when my phone got wet. Leaving the phone on with water in it is not advisable.
Note: This is not a procedure either Bomgar or (to my knowledge) RIM supports. Thus its placement in the Horror/Humor Stories section of the site. grin
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    Patrick Norman

    Wow. This is very impressive. I've also heard that using a hair dryer also may work.  

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    Good story, Justin.

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    Bob Nance

    Similar story:

    My own iPhone fell into the—*gulp*—toilet.

    I removed it (it’s funny, I would never reach into a toilet for anything but my iPhone or my child).

    I, also put mine into a container of rice, BUT, I put the rice and phone into the oven at 150ºF (the lowest setting on my oven) and BAKED it for 2 hours.

    Then, I removed it and let the whole kit and kaboodle cool overnight (don’t remove it from the rice, or the sudden temperature change could crack the case or cause the glass to separate from the case).

    Result? Working iPhone wih no poo smell (no, there really wasn’t poo in the toilet, that might have slowed my reaction!).

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    Karl Hoffner

    I have found that once your phone gets wet, immediately remove the battery. This prevents damage to short circuiting the phone. After that, water is usually a non-issue for phones. Screens; maybe.

    I have a dehumidifier in my computer room and have placed phones and computers in front of it for a day or two and all have been resurrected.

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    Juan Arce

    HAHA.. I usually open up the device, completely clean all parts with alcohol, air blow it dry and reassemble..

    The most important thing is to remove the battery ASAP

    Tried once with the rice.. completely forgot about the phone.. next day it had ant like insects crawling all over the rice.. the device did start but had lots of those insects inside.. had to open it anyways LOL

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    Pete Flores

    Good one to remember… Good story

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    Pete Flores

    This is a nice story with very informative and helpful guide. This will be hard to forget smile

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    Joel Walter

    Pretty interesting and brilliant idea. This will be a good help for us.

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