Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Bomgar Community. It is our goal that this Community provides a place for IT professionals, Bomgar customers and others to discuss a wide variety of topics as well as to be able to connect and network with other professionals around the globe. We hope to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for our members and to cultivate a community where innovation, information and fun live side by side.

The following guidelines apply to all content which lives in the community, including forum posts, comments, blog content, videos, photos and private messaging through the community messaging system. Although we have access to private messaging, we do not review this information unless the guidelines have been broken and further investigation is necessary.

Please remember that these guidelines are not all inclusive or unchangeable, and as the property owner of this community, Bomgar has ultimate decision power on what is allowed and not allowed in the community. On occasion it may be necessary to make changes to these guidelines for the benefit of Bomgar and the community.

Disregard for these guidelines will result in further action and, on occasion, may result in removal from the community.

Don’t Copy Other People's Stuff (Copyright Infringement)

We take copyright seriously. You may not copy and post articles, editorials, reviews and the like in full without permission from the author or owner. In most instances it is permissible to quote small sections. In such instances, you must use proper source citation by either linking directly to the source or by giving details on the publication and author in the case of offline resources.

If the author of any material asks that content be removed, Bomgar will comply.

As Great as Your Business Is, Refrain from Advertising (Advertising)

We do not allow advertising. Posts made specifically for the advertisement of your website, product or service are not allowed. In general, unless relevant to the subject matter of your post, we discourage site linking. When links are relevant they must link to the specific page containing the pertinent information rather than to a general domain. Posts with links seen as purely self-serving will be removed. Anyone found to be using excessive linking or using devious means to promote their site will also be held in violation of this guideline. When excessive linking occurs, Bomgar reserves the right to remove either the post or the link.

You may not link to an affiliate URL which leads to the earning of cash, banner impressions, credit, points or the like.

No Need to Say It Twice (Cross-Posting)

Do not duplicate threads in more than one forum location. New topics should be placed in the most relevant forum category of the given structure and should be posted only once. Duplicate conversations can be frustrating for conversation participants and create general confusion. Duplicate threads will be removed by athe Bomgar Moderator.

Keep It Legal

It should go without saying that Bomgar will not tolerate any illegal activity or the discussion of illegal activity. No warez, cracks or posting of any information obtained illegally. Linking to sites containing such information is also forbidden.

No Hotlinking

When posting or linking to images, videos, audio or files, avoid hotlinking, which is the direct linking to of downloadable or streamable files on servers you do not have permission to link to rather than linking to the web page where the item can be found. This costs the server owner money and resources.

We Don’t Need Your Phone # (Keep Personal Information Personal)

Do not share any personal information such as phone number, address or any other information that could be misused by another in the public forums or any public part of the community. Do not pressure anyone for this information.

English Only Please

Although we have customers around the world, this is an English-speaking site. In order to keep all discussions clear for as many people as possible, all public communication should be done in English.

Be Respectful

At Bomgar we hold to a high standard of respect for one another. We will keep this same high standard in the Bomgar Community. Be mindful of others. Do not use inflammatory or disrespectful language. Refrain from phrases which stop the conversation or disparage others’ opinions. If you do not agree with someone, respectfully give your reasons. Avoid conversations which might unnecessarily offend others. Do not seek to defame anyone. Statements about others which cannot be verified as true should be avoided. Do not make uninvited remarks about grammar, spelling or typos.

Keep It Clean

We want this forum to be appropriate for anyone who wishes to join. Use of vulgar language and offensive material is not allowed. We do not tolerate pornography, racial slurs, sexual content or the speaking of or representation of extreme violence. Do not attempt to circumvent moderation of foul language by use of abbreviations or asterisks.

One Account Per Person

We allow only one account per person, plain and simple.

Moderators and Administrators Have the Final Say

Moderators and Administrators are responsible for the enforcing of all guidelines and have final say in all disputes. If you wish to complain about decisions made, you should directly contact the Moderator through private messaging. Please refrain from public complaints about the moderation of the Bomgar Community. – not publicly. We do not allow public complaining about administrative decisions. We realize we will make mistakes and welcome you to privately contact us with any concerns you might have.

Reporting a Problem

Due to the live nature of a community, it is impossible to monitor or verify the accuracy and validity of all posts. If you believe a post to be in violation of any guidelines, they should be reported by either selecting the “Flag” link at the bottom of each post or by directly messaging e-mailing the Moderator directly at