Every security professional is aware of the essential paradox in security: things need to be as secure as possible, but also as functional as possible so that the normal course of business can continue.

It can seem that security pros are those confronted with this issue most often, but the networking team shares the same challenges, frustrations and business objectives. More importantly—it’s likely the networking team that has the most experience in keeping the network in equilibrium with business needs.

It’s trendy to hear the slant that network admins have a lot to learn from security people. But in a new slideshow by Josh Fruhlinger at CSO Online, this trend is debunked in favor of the opposite notion—security pros may want to listen to their colleagues in networking. Bomgar is quoted in the slideshow, “What security pros can learn from the networking team,” to help illustrate this point.

Networking staff are very good at keeping their company’s systems, routers and servers up and running, and ensuring networks stay online. They’ve become masters at this operational work, including using automation to help protect against failure.

As an organization’s security gets more and more mature, it should be operationalizing security just as network staff have done. Now that security is a board-level issue at companies, security people can also learn lessons from network people about getting along with the business side. When all businesses were going online, it was pretty revolutionary, and network people had to deal with the business demands in doing that. Security now needs to learn the language of the business like network people did years ago.

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