Halloween is just one week away, so in light of all things spooky, we asked customers from our Bomgar Insider program to share their worst nightmares when it comes to support tickets. Forget the jack-o-lanterns, spiders, or candy bowls with creepy mummy hands – tickets like these are what keep our IT folks screaming! Below are the top 12 tickets that scared us the most:

  • The words “water” and “laptop” in the ticket.
  • Just a screenshot….
  • A user who thinks they know what the problem is and how to fix it, and then doesn't listen to what you are telling them to do. Glad I could help…
  • “I am not receiving any email."  So I remote in, and turns out [they] were not looking in the Inbox. This happens at least once a month.
  • My mom... When she can't print… then reboots, then she can.
  • Anything involving printers. I HATE Printers.  They are evil, evil, evil devices. 
  • “I have been working on a document all day and forgot to save it and would like it recovered.” 
  • “What is a web browser?”
  • “I'm on sabbatical out of state and my laptop has a virus. I have no Internet connection. Please fix my laptop.”
  • "So I was trying to clean up behind the computer and trying to cut your zip ties. I think I cut the power cable of the call bell system. Is that bad? BTW, the call bell system is down now."
  • "My laptop is whack" <-- actual ticket title
  • “Dear IT, the internet is broken. Please fix it as a matter of urgency.”

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