Every now and then, we talk to a customer that just gets it. Zoom in on University for the Creative Arts. Customers for less than a year, UCA has proven that when implemented strategically, Bomgar can truly help transform a service desk. Their success with Bomgar is practically becoming common knowledge here in the UK, having spoken publically about their use of Bomgar at the UCISA conference in Liverpool  this March, the SITS Conference in London in April and most recently, the UCISA Support Services Conference in Edinburgh just a couple weeks ago.

Since we know that most of you couldn’t make it to Edinburgh, we thought we’d share their presentation which will take you on a journey down UCA’s road to building a more collaborative service culture.

Key facts from their implementation:

  • UCA is a specialist university with 800 staff and 6,500 students across five campuses and two counties in the UK
  • Prior to Bomgar, the support teams worked in silos and used multiple tools and processes for supporting a multiplatform environment, and there was no collaboration between teams in campuses. They also couldn’t support remote workers.
  • The UCA team decided to set out to achieve a collaborative working environment with the following in mind:
    • Bridge the gap between 1st and 2nd line support
    • Harmonize the service desk and campus support teams to a single support function
    • Empower staff by giving them tools to do more with less
  • Using Bomgar, the teams are now able to collaborate both internally between each other and externally with vendors.
  • By implementing Bomgar to help achieve the collaborative environment, they have also seen the following results:
    • IT staff are now able to support all members of the university remotely
    • Overall percentage increase in incident handling – 28% more calls handled
    • Percentage decrease in time end-users spent on hold – 10% less time per call overall

You can view the full UCISA presentation to learn more.

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