Once upon a time in a land dependent upon a labored and aging network system, word was passed throughout the kingdoms that "said system" would no longer be supported and each of us would be on our own for policy provisioning, resource pooling, imaging, remote administration and the like. It was a troubling time. Much was at stake and with little to go on, and we found ourselves facing the ultimate challenge.

In short, my organization was replacing the fading Netware system and we were on our own.

As a computer technician, my job was simple: Keep the punters happy. We started our migration to Active Directory, replaced our main infrastructure and started filling in the holes from there.

One of my biggest challenges was keeping up with end user machines. There were three of us at the time to support more than 2,000 end devices and many of those with a bit of age on them. While we had a remote system before, it was not the best. So over the next year, we tried a couple different remote applications: each one having a solid core foundation, but lacking of any decent features and being cumbersome and sometimes confusing to configure. We wanted…no we needed…a better solution. Something had to be done.

There had to be a better option.

Then one epic day, a newbie brings in a rep from this company called Bomgar. Bomgar? Who is that? Well, we figured it would be the normal selling points we hear from every other company who visits our campus so we sat reluctantly expecting another sales pitch on another product that will “change our lives forever.” Sure. Heard that before.  

Fast forward some 22 months later.

We are now remote managing computers on our student and admin networks due to Bomgar being in our DMZ, something we were not able to do before. We are recording sessions, chatting with end users, training via presentations, allowing outside vendors to remotely access our systems -- all things we could not do, or could not have done so easily, before Bomgar. I could go on. Bomgar has been such a game changer for us. It is “THE” tool we as the techs, and a lot of the admins as well, rely on to do our jobs effectively and efficiently.

Our response times went from 20-30 minutes for cross town sites to seconds. And when coupled with our Dell KACE appliances, Bomgar allows us to do everything from software installation to computer imaging, all from the comfort of our office. What use to be a 20-80 split of us techs being on the ground versus us being in the field has reversed to us being able to spend more time in our offices, able to work more efficiently and decrease issue resolution time dramatically.

A game changer indeed.

I could not imagine working without the Bomgar appliance as part of our system. Don’t think I would want to.

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