Since Bomgar’s inception, it has seen several competitive cloud offerings come and go in the market. During that time we stayed committed to pushing our appliance-based offering to the limit, optimizing productivity and security. This was not a game of give and take but an uncompromising ascent towards both of those goals. That quest will never end, but we finally decided it was time somebody offered secure cloud-based remote access correctly. So, we brought the lessons learned from our years committed to the on-premise Bomgar Box to “the cloud” to prove that our remote support cloud offering could be just as secure.

The result is Bomgar Cloud, which packages our world renowned Bomgar Box in an appliance-as-a-service offering. This approach brings all of our remote access capabilities including remote control of computers and mobile devices, chat support, skills-based routing, ITSM integration, smart collaboration, embeddable chat and support components, and reporting insights to businesses for a minimal investment. This is all handled through VMware’s ISO/IEC 27001 certified vCloud Air Data offering. The result is uncompromised security while helping reduce infrastructure costs, lessen the load on IT personnel, and improve the support delivery without capital outlay.

With Bomgar Cloud, all remote support sessions use outbound SSL/TLS connections to the unique Internet address of your dedicated Bomgar Cloud appliance. This allows any computer (internal or external) to be supported without the need for a VPN. And since Bomgar is multi-platform, technicians and customers can be using virtually any device, keeping everyone and productive in the most diverse BYOD environments.

Bomgar offers the flexibility of supporting both zero-footprint sessions (where the client is completely removed at the end of the session), as well as pre-installed agents for on-demand / unattended technician access.  Insight into remote access activity is also made easy as every session is logged and optionally recorded centrally on your Bomgar appliance.

Enterprises often require flexibility in their technology purchasing decisions—for some, an on-premise system is ideal, but others prefer a cloud delivery model.  With Bomgar, you get the best of both worlds as our technology is available in the deployment model that is right for you – today and tomorrow.

There are ongoing debates about cloud security, mainly stemming from misinformation or lack of transparency into cloud environments.  Bomgar’s single-tenant, dedicated cloud appliance offers the best in cloud security without compromising operational flexibility such as the ability to control your own maintenance windows – something that’s not possible in multi-tenant systems.

Read my comment on the multi-tenancy myth as well as other cloud security myths in this recent piece.

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Boatner Blankenstein

VP Solutions Engineering