I’m sure you’re very well aware of the operating systems and mobile device platforms that Bomgar supports.  But did you also know that Bomgar has built-in SSH and Telnet capabilities as well?  Maybe you spend the majority of your time supporting Windows or Mac users, but what about those occasions when you need to just jump into a headless Linux server to view a system log or change permissions on a folder on the file server?  Perhaps you need to access a Mac but you don’t want to bother the user who’s logged into it.  Or maybe you prefer the speed and simplicity of the command line.

Shell Jump is Bomgar’s solution for giving you the ability to access and support any Telnet- or SSH-enabled network devices.  There’s even a Shell Jump button in the Rep Console to make it as fast as possible to get where you need to go.  And the cool thing is, since you’re already logged into Bomgar, now when you SSH into a router you just get a new tab with the already-familiar Command Shell interface.

With so many ways to already connect via SSH or Telnet to a networked device, you may be wondering why Bomgar would provide yet another method?  Forgive me for answering with a question, but how many remote access tools do you want to use?  Wouldn’t you rather simplify your life by just having one tool “to rule them all?”  And consider this: if you’re using PuTTY today to SSH into your network devices (and I’m betting you do!), then how are you logging who accesses those devices?  Can you go back and see what they did while they were connected?  With Command Shell recordings enabled, Bomgar can provide a video recording of it all.  How’s that for helping you meet your training and compliance requirements?

If you’ve never checked out Shell Jump, it’s actually pretty simple to set up – all you need is a Jumpoint with the Enable Shell Jump option checked.  For starters, try the Open Access configuration and see how powerful it can be.  When you’re ready to use it in production, keep in mind that we highly recommend you explore the Provisioned and Limited Access configurations.  That way you can fine-tune which target machines or networks are accessible.

So I’m curious, are you using Shell Jump today?  If not, what tools are you using?  You’ve already got everything you need to get started.  Why not check it out today?

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