Remote Android Screen SharingRemote Android Screen Sharing

TL;DR: Screen sharing with Android 5.0+ devices is now included in Bomgar remote Support.

Today Bomgar announced the expansion of Remote Screen Sharing for Android to all Android 5.0+ devices. Technicians using Bomgar Remote Support can already remote control Android devices made by Samsung. Now Bomgar enables real-time screen sharing for other manufacturers and device types.  

Requirements for Android Screen Sharing

In order to screen share with Android, your customer will need to have the following in place:

Unlike iOS screen sharing, no tethering via USB cable is required.

How to Screen Share with Android

Download the Android ClientDownload the Bomgar Android Support ClientInstall the Android ClientInstall the Bomgar Android Support Client

Since we’ve updated the Android customer client, have your customer visit Google Play to get the latest. On non-Samsung devices, they’ll need the Bomgar Support Client.

Enter Site Name and Session KeyEnter Site Name and Session Key

Once they’ve installed the client, they’ll need to enter your Bomgar site name and the session key you provide them. For trial users, the site name is That will connect you to their device and start the session.

Android Chat SupportAndroid Chat Support

You’ll start at the chat screen. Chat will stay engaged throughout the session even if they browse away from the Bomgar app.

Android Screen ShareScreen Share with Android Devices

When they do browse away, you’ll stay connected and will be able to see the screen of the devices. Remote control is not available for non-Samsung devices, but seeing the screen, even in a view-only context, can really help to reduce call time.

Providing Android Support Beyond Screen Sharing

In addition to screen sharing and chat, support technicians have other options for providing remote assistance to Android devices.

Transfer Files to/from the Android Device

Many support incidents require you to transfer files between your PC and the Android device. With Bomgar, you can replace bad files (corrupt, outdated, malware) with good ones.

Manage Apps and Processes with Actionable System Information

Actionable System Information lets you view key system info, kill processes, and uninstall apps on Android devices. Viewable system information including OS version, memory, apps, and more.

Offer Remote Support from Android Devices

With Bomgar's Rep Console App for Android, support representatives can offer support from an Android device. The Rep Console App can be downloaded on Google Play.

Embed Remote Support in Your App

Bomgar also offers an Embedded Remote App Support SDK for embedding remote support funcionality into iOS and Android apps. Developers can prepare thei apps for deeper troubleshooting and native remote support.

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