Video: Remote control Android devices made by Samsung, support non-Samsung Android devices and control remote computers from your Android tablet or phone.

Every day, Google activates more than one million Android devices - a milestone they crossed this summer. The majority of these are made by Samsung, the largest and fastest-growing Android handset manufacturer in the world. That’s why we’re excited to announce Bomgar now enables full screen-sharing and remote control of Android devices made by Samsung.

New Support Client Android App for Samsung

With the new Bomgar Support Client for Samsung you can use Bomgar to remote control Android phones and tablets made by Samsung. All your end-users have to do is install the free app from Google Play and request support.

The new features enabled for Samsung Android devices include screen sharing and remote control. Support reps can see the screen on the end-user’s Android device. Reps can also use remote control to navigate the screen, access applications, type and click just like they would if they were holding the device. If you already use Bomgar to remote control BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices, you’ll find that Android control functions in much the same way. Screen sharing and remote control are currently available for Samsung devices running Android 2.3 and above.

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Other Remote Support Capabilities for Android Devices

Bomgar also includes a number of other Android support capabilities, whether you’re supporting Samsung devices or devices from other manufacturers. These include

  • Chat Support – Chat with the end-user during the remote support session.
  • System Info – View key system info, including OS version, memory, apps, etc. to help diagnose issues.
  • File Transfer – Transfer files to and from the Android device.
  • Multiple Sessions – Support Android devices while simultaneously working on other systems and devices through session tabs – no add-ons or upgrades required.
  • Support from any Platform – Control Android phones and tablets from a PC (Windows, Mac or Linux). You can even use Bomgar’s Mobile Rep Consoles to control Android devices from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any Android smartphone or tablet!

Mobile Representative Console for Android

Video: Use a secure Mobile Rep Console app on your Android device, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to support remote desktops, servers and mobile devices.

Bomgar also offers a Mobile Rep Console that allows you to provide support from any Android smartphone or tablet. (That app also works on iOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.)

A technician can control remote desktops, servers and even other mobile devices with a toolkit similar to the desktop version of the Bomgar representative console.

Deploy a Jump Client AndroidAndroid rep deploying Jump Client

Android Support Is Part of the Core Product

All of the Android support features are included in Bomgar’s core product. There are no additional charges for supporting mobile devices.

Android support is included because part of our vision is to help you consolidate remote support. We address with one secure, appliance-based solution what many vendors attempt to address with ten or more tools.

If you're not a customer but want to see Android support in action, it's available in our free trial.


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Bomgar Apps for Android

Ready to try it out? Download the apps from Google Play and let us know what you think.

  • Bomgar Support Client (Samsung) - Install on a Samsung Android device to enable remote control, screen sharing, chat support, system info and file transfer.
  • Bomgar Support Client - Install on a non-Samsung Android device to use chat support, system info and file transfer.
  • Bomgar Rep Console - Install on any Android device to provide remote support from a smartphone or tablet.

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