Bomgar has had a major impact in both my every day work environment and at home. It includes a variety of helpful features that make getting my job done fast and easy. Its user friendly interface and simplicity make it rise above competitors such as TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, and LogMeIn. Believe me, I’ve used them all…a lot.

All day, every day, my team and I provide IT support to our clients remotely all over the country. We have workstations, servers, routers, and other devices that we have to connect to and service at any given time. Bomgar allows us to pin all of these in easy to create and organized queues. Each pin provides public and private IP information, OS information, current user(s) logged in, uptime, CPU and disk usage all just by single clicking the jump client. This in itself is great info, and far more than any other remote software program I have used offers. Double clicking the client’s name instantly connects me to the client and in I go!

The lists of tools and modifications that can be made to them is my favorite part. We have created several auto-runs in the Command Shell feature of Bomgar that provide our techs with a quicker way to troubleshoot issues. One example is our MBAM-Chameleon. When launched from Command Shell, it loads the Malwarebytes exe, installs it, updates it, and starts a scan - all with a single click of the mouse. We have many others we have created. These tools help with presenting a more fluid, professional work environment at our company.

The Presentation feature in Bomgar also has proved handy at my office. Once a month, one other technician and I partake in server patching for one of our big clients. Over the course of the night, we install Windows updates and restart around 70 servers. As a way to record our work and have a “proof of completion,” colleague and I each start a presentation in Bomgar and invite each other to them. Doing this will automatically store the session in our logs for review if any kind of dispute comes up in the future concerning the patching. Integrity is a major factor in running a professional business that this feature of Bomgar has helped deliver.

There are so many great features in Bomgar that can assist your company in excelling in the IT industry. I could write so much more, but the program is better tested then read about, in my opinion. Give it a shot and get ready to replace your current remote support solution, because once you’ve tried Bomgar you won’t go back.

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