New Year’s Resolutions are made by millions every year, and the same is true of our Bomgar Insiders. We asked them what their resolutions are for next year, both professional and personal, and we want to encourage them to stick with their resolution until they reach their goal.

The most inspiring resolutions our Insider has were:

  • “Certifications, Certifications, Certifications... Next year I'm moving up the ladder a few rungs.” – Chris O.
  • “To become Bomgar Certified and to lose a little weight.” –Grant T.
  • “We're finally rolling out chat with Bomgar!” –Travis G.
  • “Increase exposure of data (customer sentiment and trending question from text analytics)” –Jeremy S.
  • “Simplify.  Because of rapid growth everything has sprawled and people are confused on their role.  Help focus roles within the organization.” –Mark F.
  • “Increase the use of Bomgar across our IT department and get more users comfortable with remote support.” –Nathan W.
  • “Successfully develop, test and deploy our Windows 10 image, including roaming profiles.  Wish me luck!” –Chris E.
  • “Configure that…auto update feature for the rep console! Also, win the raffle and take the next admin course!” –Ben H.
  • “I'm going to learn more about Office 365 deployments and management this year.” –Michael M.
  • “Create raving fans of our new prospects. If I can get half of my prospects as excited about Bomgar as me it is a WIN!” –Trevor C.
  • “I am going to keep learning powershell more in depth. Especially with it taking over CMD for good. I would like to be able to start writing caned scripts for programs, including Bomgar!” –Mike B.
  • “I have two, learning PowerShell and finishing my PhD” –Jason T.

Share your resolutions in the comments below - Bomgar is behind you all the way! Good luck everyone, and Happy New Year!

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