Video: Bomgar offers integrated remote support, secure web-based chat support and customer feedback exit surveys for ServiceNow help desk software.

If you use ServiceNow, do you know how long it takes one of your support reps to close out a ticket?

Think through all the steps. He has to open the ticket, write his notes about the problem, document what he did to fix the problem and submit his notes. Depending on the issue, that can take quite a bit of time, right?

Well, today I want to point out one aspect of the certified integration between Bomgar and ServiceNow that has huge implications for post-incident processing.

Bomgar Records EVERYTHING and Appends it to the ServiceNow Ticket

ServiceNow Session NotesBomgar records the chat transcript and troubleshooting steps, appending those details to ServiceNow tickets

"What's so great about that?" you ask.

Glad you asked. When you integrate Bomgar with ServiceNow, everything recorded by Bomgar is automatically appended to your tickets in ServiceNow.

Think about that.

Every troubleshooting step a rep takes ... recorded. The chat transcript ... recorded. The remote computer's system information, all the files transferred during the session, IP information ... all of it is recorded and appended to the ticket in ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow customers who have already integrated with Bomgar tell us it saves them 1-3 minutes per rep at the end of every support session.

Closed-Loop Incident Processing

ServiceNow Certified IntegrationServiceNow Certified Integration

Because Bomgar records everything and appends it to your ServiceNow tickets, there's no pressure on your reps to document all their troubleshooting steps. Your reps can still make notes on the incident, but those are supplemental, adding color to your customer records and audit trail.

Bomgar does the heavy lifting on post-incident processing, so the notes your reps leave can focus on the human aspects of the support interaction. Reps can record verbal feedback or make note of any processes and tasks that were confusing to customers. It's usually easier for reps to record these kind of notes than a series of troubleshooting steps. Plus, having both the human and the technical angles on support interactions can be vital to managers.

Customers Using Bomgar and ServiceNow

Qualcomm, Red Hat, Texas Roadhouse, Rex Healthcare, Yale University and many, many others have leveraged Bomgar's integration with ServiceNow to centralize support processes and strengthen compliance. Here are a couple of stories you may be interested in.


The fully integrated Bomgar deployment served to bring the help desk more into compliance with ITIL industry standards by providing an additional support channel via the chat functionality.

IDC IDC Customer Spotlight: Qualcomm Optimizes Technical Support Outreach with Bomgar Implementation
Qualcomm Case Study

Shaw Industries

In addition to the ease with which representatives can launch sessions and track them from the ServiceNow service desk, the Bomgar interface has a number of other valuable features that our support representatives really appreciate.

Stacey Nicholson, Help Desk Manager, Shaw Industries
Shaw Industries Case Study

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